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1. Why should I purchase Wakefield juices?  
Wakefield juices are price competitive and are made from a perfect blend of fruit juice and juice from concentrate to deliver all the goodness of fruits.
2. In what sizes are Wakefield juices available?  
Wakefield juices are available in 5 gallon and 1 gallon sizes. Customers purchasing 5 gallon sizes find it most useful for mass consumption. Look out for our new ½ gallon sizes coming soon!
3. What flavours are Wakefield juices available in?  
Wakefield juices are available  in four delicious flavours, Orange juice, Pineapple, Fruit Punch and Cherry. Our Cherry juice is only available in 5 gallon.
4. Is Wakefield juices 100% juice?  
Wakefield contains the industry average of 40% juice content in our Fruit Punch, Pineapple and Cherry flavors.  The Orange juice flavour however contains over 60% juice.
5. Where may I purchase Wakefield juices?  
You can find Wakefield juices available in most major supermarkets island wide.  Bulk purchases can be made directly from our head office in Bog Walk.
6. Should I keep my Wakefield juice in the fridge?  
Yes,Wakefield juices MUST be stored in the refrigerator and is to be served as a cold beverage at all times to prevent early spoilage.
7. Can Wakefield juices be used as an alcohol chaser?  
Wakefield juices are exceptional chaser options for cocktails and mixes. It goes well with many of our traditional juice blends.