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Tru-Juice is the flagship brand of Trade Winds Citrus Limited. Our juices are made from the finest fruits and vegetables produced locally and blended to perfection to provide only the best product for you. We bring to you the taste of traditional homemade Jamaican juices without the hassle of preparing it yourself.

After the ingredients are harvested, it goes through a vigorous selection process, as only the BEST produce is chosen for blending. After being blended to perfection and bottled, the product is stored in a cold room and delivered in refrigerated trucks to your retail outlet where it is stored cold and remains fresh just for you. Tru-Juice juices can be enjoyed when paired with any meal, whether breakfast, lunch or dinner or simply enjoyed on its own.

Tru-Juice juices are presented to you in three categories. There is the no sugar line, the exotic line and the premium quality line. It is available in convenient sizes. For “on the go” consumption we offer Tru-Juice in 475ml and 945ml sizes. Our “take home” sizes are 1.89L and 3.78L. We also produce Tru-Juice in 5 gallon bags for food service and other bulk usage.


These fruit blends are gently sweetened with natural cane sugar to create healthy, fun flavour appeal. The flavors available in this line of our product are:

  • Tropical Fruit Punch
  • Orange-Pineapple
  • Guava pineapple with ginger
  • Mango Orange-pineapple
  • Mango Carrot
  • Orange Juice
  • Pineapple Juice
  • Cranberry
  • Cherry Juice

We give our No Sugar Added (NSA) line of juices to you straight from the fruit to the bottle. Tru-Juice “No Sugar Added” line gives you nothing but the pure goodness of the fruit. It is the only line of products recommended by the Medical Association of Jamaica. The flavors available in this line are:

  • Tropical Fruit Punch
  • Ortanique
  • Apple Juice
  • Pineapple Juice
  • Orange Juice

Jamaica is a wonderful place for seasonal exotic fruit. In fact, part of our culture is to know what fruits are in season to create delightful beverages for our families. Tru-Juice has made available some of these exotic fruit juices so that you can have your favorite blend all year round. You no longer have to go through the hassle of preparing these traditional beverages on your own. The flavors available in this line are:

  • June Plum with ginger (golden apple)
  • Soursop
  • Sorrel with ginger (we know Sorrel is not a fruit, but we know you love it and have made it available all year round)