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1. What are the available sizes forSqueezZ box drinks?  
SqueezZ box drinks are available in two convenient sizes – 450ml and 280ml, for our consumers to enjoy.
2. What are the available flavors?  
SqueezZ box drink flavours are Cherry Melon, Strawberry Peach, Pineapple, Soca Fruit Punch, Lemon Lime, Grape, Orange, and Strawberry Passion .
3. How long has SqueezZ been on the market?  
SqueezZ is a Trade Winds Citrus brand that has been out of production for some years. It was re-introduced to the consumer market in the summer of 2013.
4. Where can I purchase SqueezZ?  
Look out for your favourite flavour in our line of SqueezZ juices at your nearest retail outlets, supermarkets or restaurant island wide.
5. Should I keep my SqueezZ refrigerated?  
Yes, SqueezZ is best served as a cold beverage and should remain in the refrigerator at all times to ensure maximum satisfaction.
6. Why should I purchase SqueezZ juices?  
SqueezZ box drink is a burst of refreshment with unique flavours not sold by any other box drink brand. Whether with a meal or a snack item
SqueezZ is the best choice for the economic consumer.