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1. What are the sizes that Freshhh juice drinks are available in?  
Freshhh box products are available in 280ml and 450ml sizes. Also available in bottle, the Freshhh juice drink flavours come in sizes 475ml, 945ml,
1.89L, and 3.78L.
2. What are the available flavors?  
Freshhh Juice Drinks flavours are: Guava, Pineapple, Cherry, Tropical Fruit Punch, and Orange.
3. What percentage of juice content does Freshhh juice drink contain?  
There is approximately 10-20% juice content in each great flavour of Freshhh juice drink; except Freshhh Orange Juice which has approximately 40%.
4. Where can I purchase Freshhh?  
Due to the high demand for our Freshhh products it is made available in most retail outlets, supermarkets and restaurants island wide.
5. Should I keep my Freshhh refrigerated?  
Yes, Freshhh is served only as a cold beverage and must remain in the refrigerator at all times to prevent early spoilage.
6. Why should I purchase Freshhh juices?  
Freshhh, as the name suggests, will always keep you rehydrated and refreshed! Whether at home, school, work or at play, Freshhh is always
the right choice offering value for money to the economic consumer.