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Trade Winds Citrus Limited is the single largest citrus farmer in Jamaica, cultivating approximately 2,700 acres of citrus groves on four farms in St. Thomas Ye Vale (the inland basin comprising Bog Walk, Linstead and its environs). The topography is undulating with the major soil types being Linstead Clay Loam and Union Hill Stony Clay. The elevation of the farms varies from 300 to 600 feet above sea level with rainfall averaging 65 inches (1,625 mm) per year.

Our farms traditionally produced sugar cane until 1985 when the conversion to citrus began. By 1996 the farms were entirely converted to citrus. The varieties produced consist mainly of Valencia, Parson Brown, Pineapple, Ortaniques and Limes. The traditional harvesting period is from November through June each year and the yield from mature groves average 350 boxes per acre.