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Trade Winds Citrus Limited is a truly authentic Jamaican company. Located in Bog Walk, St. Catherine, we pride ourselves with sharing and producing the BEST authentic Jamaican beverages that reflect the diversity of our people and our culture.

Our Tru-Juice brand, which is our flagship brand, has a wide variety of flavors with such high quality that it will satisfy even the most discriminating taste buds as each flavor is made from premium quality products.

Our Freshhh Juice Drinks are a unique blend of flavours that will stimulate each of your taste buds with real fruits from concentrate. Freshhh is ideal for the more economical consumer who wants to enjoy a healthy juice option at the best price.

Our Wakefield Juice line is an array of luscious fruit flavours with real juice blends. It is ideal for large serving settings and is a great ingredient for any culinary masterpiece or cocktail.

The Tru-Tea brand is an exotic blend of classic flavours such as lemon, peach and pomegranate which makes this iced tea so unique in its offerings. It refreshes and at the same time as it is healthy, a nice alternative to carbonated beverages and pairs well with almost any meal.

SqueezZ is our juice drink option that brings to you mouth-watering refreshing taste from exciting flavourings. When served cold, it works well with any lunch option you can think of. Grab a “SqueezZ” of our refreshing drink and knock your thirst out! It’s a taste that never lets you down.  

The Calico Jack Rum Punch is a deliciously smooth cocktail, an intriguing blend of premium quality juice and aged Jamaican rum. Blended to perfection it is the answer to any need for an exotic alcoholic beverage. It is a delightful mix that brings to you the convenience of a ready to drink exotic cocktail without the bartender.

We welcome your questions and comments and would really like to hear from you!